Equity Strategy

Overbrook's equity strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation through a portfolio of companies across all market caps with attractive growth profiles with moderate turnover. We are focused on achieving a leading rate of return for our clients over a long-term investment horizon.

Investment Process
We employ a strategy that uses a value-oriented approach to identify mispriced assets with attractive re-rating potential. Our flexible approach and diverse experience enable us to capitalize on opportunities across sectors and throughout the economic cycle.

What We Look For

  • High free cash flow and operational visibility
  • High returns on invested capital
  • High barriers to entry; durable competitive advantages
  • Hidden optionality with solid asset protection
  • High-quality disclosure, accounting, and communication practices
  • Competent and aligned management teams; optimal capital allocations

What We Avoid

  • Consistently unprofitable businesses with low growth prospects
  • Disadvantaged competitive situations
  • Uncertain regulatory or customer concentration
  • Dubious or aggressive accounting / weak disclosure and communication practices
  • Management teams with a poor track record of capital allocation and generating shareholder returns
  • Complex businesses with a highly uncertain future